Mike Kurban  is an international psychic who was born in Chicago Illinois on October 11 1953. Despite being born into a poor dysfunctional family that did not believe in metaphysics and health, Mike has devoted his life to helping people with his unique gift as a Psychic, healer and teacher. Mike was married at the age of 29 and had a health food store and metaphysical shop in Chicago. Mike had Chicago’s only psychic  television show on Channel 19 for 13 years that the famous film critic Richard Roeper said was the most entertaining show on television. The show had a devoted  fan club. Mike has read the Mayor of Chicago and was on numerous top television and radio shows. Featured in New York as one of the top psychics in the United States. Had Chicago’s only Paranormal Museum that was featured on Channel 9 W.G.N.television in Chicago. You can go to www.youtube.com and put in the search area ( out of this world museum mike kurban) and 7 minutes of the museum with Mike talking about it will pop up. Had Chicago’s first School of Metaphysics and has many students. Divorced  in 1995 and moved to Las Vegas  in 2003 and had a radio show for 7 years on www.alltalkradio.net that was called Celebrity Stars that had the top Celebrities, health, spiritual, relationships and the unusual. Talkers Magazine the number 1 radio magazine said Celebrity Stars is one of the top shows on the internet. You can go to www.youtube.com and put in (thirdeyemikekurban) and can see videos of the Las Vegas stars Mike Kurban put on his radio and television show called Worldwide Entertainment and crossing over.  Mike Kurban author 41 books on health and metaphysics and one of the books was called Love Connection Workbook and developed a love test using colors and numbers. Newspaper reporters who have taken the test claims the test is very accurate. Appeared on the strip of Las Vegas doing a comedy show called Battle of the Sexes. Cherlyn Fields owner of Vegas Indoor Skydiving loved the show and says this is an excellent show with comedy on relationships. Mike Kurban is a very good psychic with the people in the audience and you walk away with understanding human behavior. Mike was a board member for a couple of years with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas. Mike Kurban has read many top celebrities in Las Vegas and is considered by many a top psychic reader to the celebrities. In 2010 started the web site angels on wheels in Las Vegas to be brought to different parts of the United States.

Future goals – to bring Wheels on Angels to Virginia and down to New York as well as the comedy show on relationships. To have a commerical building of Angels on Wheels with the latest and top health experts from a lot of fields helping the people who are in need of health care that is Holistic. To have a Metaphysical Chamber of Commerce in the east coast that is connected with the Angels on Wheels.

A Personal Welcome From Founder & Top Medical Intuitive, Michael J. Kurban