Love connection workbook - A workbook that helps you understand your mate. Many tests such as the Love test, color test. Find out everything you wanted to know about yourself and your mate. Best Seller.
$15.00 USD


Inner Secrets of Men and Women – All the secrets you ever wanted to know about men and women. Character reading, Face reading, body language, palmistry, and how you can get any person age without them telling you anything. Best Seller.
$20.00 USD


Numerology Book - How your name and your birthday tells your personality and your talents. Get predications and find out what you did in a past life and what you are suppose to be doing in the present life.
$15.00 USD


Audio Book-C.D 1 – C.D 2 - Inner Secrets of Men and Women. Two C.DS that contains all the secrets of Men and Women. Just pop it in a C.D player without reading a book. Great for parties and people who don’t have time to read a book.
A set of two for $30.00 USD


Natural Viagra Pills - No side effects for it is all 100 percent all natural and helps the prostate and helps maintain longer erections. Helps in endurance in making better love to the female. Best Seller.
$10.00 a pill. USD


Clairvoyant Classes – This five week training on developing your third eye to see auras, psychometry, giving a psychic reading, past life, medical auras, crossing over and reading over the phone. Premium Training.         $250 Pay Pal *Please Call Mike for more info at 702-612-1670 or email:

Healing Classes – This five week training in natrual healing trains your third eye on mental psychic surgery, chakar balancing, crystal water healing, 5 point healing, medical auras, absent healing, herbs, vitamins, essential oils.     Premium Training  $250. Pay Pal *Please Call Mike for more info at 702-612-1670 or email:

Call – 702 – 612 -0670 if you would like a psychic consultation with Michael Kurban, rates are $125.00 for a 60 min reading, $75.00 dollars for a $30 minute reading, $40.00 for a 15 min reading. Add $5.00 to include a tape recording of your session. Michael focuses on: clairvoyant ,past ,present, future, past life, relationship, tarot, medical intuitive, crossing over, remote viewing, or numerology readings.* Michael has over 40 years experience.