Listen, To Mike Kurban’s unique,bizarre, outrageous and politically incorrect comedy!

George Carson owner of claims: “Mike Kurban stands out among the comedians. He is a gifted writer, and actor. He has written and performed over 1000 comedies and does all the voices. His comedy is extremely funny, witty and clever”.

Libra Press – “Mike Kurban is extremely talented and no other comedian can compare to what Mike Kurban brings to the stage. I highly recommend Mike for stage and parties. I have seen Mike Perform on stage in Las Vegas with his comedy and his psychic ability. One of the most unusual shows you will ever see”.

WARNING: Adult Content, if you are offended by what you are about to hear…. GOOD, Mike tries to offend everyone, and tries to not  leave anyone out!  Mike Kurban is an equal opportunity offender.

Click on link below to listen.

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