The purpose of Angels on Wheels mission is to bring healers to different states to help the people who are sick and to be healed by natural laws such as laying on the hands and to create miracles.

On March 9 2010 Mike Kurban medical intuitive and spiritual healer started the web site People who can’t make it to a healer can have the healer come to them. No charge to the person getting healed. Donations are accepted to help pay the healers for their time.

Each healer is trained in how to see medical problems by taking certain classes in medical auras and what they mean. Healers are taught principles of healings and different forms of healings. Training in herbs, vitamins, fasting, essential oils and what to suggest. Angels on Wheels healers do not prescribe medication. All healers are not medical doctors but have a Rev degree from California. This protects the healer and all healers have the person who is receiving the healing sign a legal document that they are not medical doctors but are spiritual healers and all miracles are created from God. Healers do not replace doctors but help in prevention that can save a person a lot of money. Angels on Wheels does not claim to cure anything but through natural laws miracles do happen.

Angels on Wheels future goals are to have the best talents in the Holistic area of health care. To have a commercial building that sustains the best healers from all holistic areas. To make it reasonable for the healers and the people coming to see all these health care practitioners in one building. This can be made possible by people who believe that they want to help and heal others beat cancer and all types of diseases. To make this dream possible donations are accepted. You can go to pay pal to donate or call Mike Kurban at 702 -612 - 0670 and tell Mike you want to donate to help others who need  holistic care. If desired your name can be listed as one of the people who helped donate to have a commercial building for all future people who need holistic help.