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Readings available are Clairvoyant Readings that deals with your past present and future.
Past Life Readings crossing over to the present life time tells who you was before and if you are repeating the same mistakes.
Medical Intuitive that shows what is wrong with the physical body and what to take to help the body using vitamins, herbs, and essential oils.
Your palm shows your future and character through Palmistry.
Face Reading tells a lot about your character  and your health.
Tarot cards tells about your future and present.  Dreams tell about what is going on in your life. Crossing Over – reading loved ones from the other side giving the personality and advice from your loved ones.
How using your birthday and name tells about your past and future through numbers called  Numerology.Your Social Security is more powerful that your birthday and tells if you are going to be rich or not.
Classes available are Clairovyant Classes, Healing Classes, Numerology Classses and Tarot Classes.

Clairvoyant Classes Level 1 - Training in personality auras, psychometry, photograph readings, psychic readings, medical auras, past life readings, reading loved ones from the spiritual world, how to read over the phone. Teacher Mike Kurban – author, lecturer and reader.
Healing Classes Level 1 - Training in 5 point healing, Chakra Balancing, Mental Psychic Surgery, Absent Healing, and Medical Auras.Training on fasting, vitamins, herbs and essential oils.  Crystal water healing that removes negative spirits from the body. Teacher Mike Kurban – Author, Lecturer and Healer.
Relationship Classes – What men and women do wrong in a relationship. How to correct a relationship and how to heal your current relationship. Love Connection test to show your current problems and how to over come them.How your present relationship relates to karma and past life. Is your mate a soul mate or a twin? How your diet can affect your relationship and what to take to over come this and lose weight.How your attitude can affect the relationship and secrets of men and women. Teacher Mike Kurban – author, Lecturer, and  Relationship Coach.
Entertainment – Battle of the Sexes Comedy Show. Author Mike Kurban on Inner Secrets of Men and Women and Love Connection Workbook has performed on stage on the strip of Las Vegas and does a comedy show on Relationships and the Psychic World giving the secrets of Men and Women. Mike Kurban on stage does Remote Viewing, Crosssing Over, Numerology, Face Reading, Palmistry, Color Test with audience participation. Some props are used on stage to show what silly things men and women do to each other.

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All Talk Radio Celebrity Stars Every Monday 3:00 to 4:00 pac time for free reading & talk to the Stars! 702-612-1670


To make an appointment for a psychic reading or healing (702) 612-0670

Call – 702 – 612 -0670 if you would like a   psychic consultation with Michael Kurban, rates are $125.00 for a 60 min reading,  $75.00 dollars for a 30 minute reading,  $40.00 for a 15 min reading. Add $5.00 to include a tape recording of your session.

Michael focuses on: clairvoyant ,past ,present, future, past life, relationship, tarot, medical intuitive, crossing over, or numerology readings. * Michael has over 40 years experience And is one of the top medical intuitives in the world
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